Social Media and Newsletter Committee 


The goals of the media committee are:

  1. Newsletter ( quarterly on the solstice or equinox )
    1. To keep members informed about the SCAAS
    2. Stories / articles / events of interest to the members of the SCAAS
    3. Articles highlighting the research of our members
  2. Social media presence ( facebook, twitter, et cetera )
    1. Promote the society
    2. Share interest stories
  3. Discussion Forums ( in the future )
    1. Maintain and moderate a place for members to discuss SCAAS and cultural astronomy issues. 


The committee will be administered by a board approved appointee and will report the president or vice president.  The president will communicate the Boards needs to the committee chair. 

Members needed:

  1. Social media member, responsible to maintain and run our social media accounts.
  2. Forum Moderator ( when we have a Forum up and running )
  3. Content Moderator, not necessarily to generate content but solicit and manage content from members and other sources. 

Current Committee Members:  William Seven - Committee Chair, Chris Dombrowski (

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