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Native cultures have traditional ways of knowing  and passing knowledge from one generation to another. Within that knowledge is an understanding of how nature works, i.e. science. Yet native children rarely learn the native science of their culture. Our effort is to have people of different cultures share about their practice and the science within. Native college students, cultural teachers  from native schools, native university professors and other people interested in cultural science will listen and learn. Native students may ask to learn more from the presenters while cultural teachers may seek the presenters help in developing activities for their students to better understand their own cultural heritage.

Who should apply to present: Native people  who practice a  craft or skill that involves scientific knowledge. Practitioners who live within or willing to come to Flagstaff should apply for April 24. Those living a long distance from Flagstaff, apply for April 27. Conference cannot guarantee money for travel expenses; however, we have some funds available. Please see cover letter for conference specifics.

Skills we are looking for: Traditional knowledge related to plants, farming, astronomy, pottery, water management, tool-making or geometric pattern design. Presenter is responsible for all needed materials and products related to an accepted presentation may be sold at specified times. This is NOT an art fair.

What does presenter get in return: One day free registration for April 24 or 27 with  lunch and refreshments, special rate for registration to entire conference and letter from SCAAS asking that you be paid by your employer for your time at the conference. Presenters and attendees will also meet other native people who share their practice and or interest.

To apply, download the Traditional Expert Application Form below. Please fill it out and return to Bryan Bates by email at Please have your application to Bryan by January 28, 2019. We will be in contact with you in February or March about your program. Additional information is available for download below.

Native Expert Introduction                                                   Cultural Preservation Office Invitation

Native Sciences Flyer                                                           Traditional Expert Application  (MS Word)

                                                                                        Traditional Expert Application  (PDF)

Call for Participation

In an attempt to broaden our audience and influence, the Society is reaching out to and engaging with native peoples of the Greater Southwest about their native science. Our 2019 conference will shift the focus from solely reporting on our research to learning more about the traditional knowledge of the people whose astronomical practices we want to understand.  We want to bring to the conference native practitioners of traditional skills and the science that lies within that skill. While this may go beyond our standard conference style, perhaps it will enable us to better understand the “cultural classification of knowledge” and the context of astronomical knowledge within different cultures of the Greater Southwest, past and present. Our second day will feature presentations by researchers on their cultural astronomy projects. Presentations may be scheduled by cultural groupings (tribal affiliation), so as to provide continuity in perspectives and native commentators. Anyone who wishes to participate should submit the attached application form. Each applicant should state: 1) the context of your research, 2) basic research results and 3) how information derived from the activity might have been used by or was of value to their culture. Applications should be submitted to .  The deadline for application submission is January 20, 2019.

Program Submission Form    Download Here

Call for Papers

We are seeking presentations by researchers on their cultural astronomy, archaeology and general anthropology research projects.  Paper presentations can be on a variety of issues related to anthropology and cultural astronomy. We are most interested in presentations that relate closely to the development of science or traditional knowledge among Native American cultures, past and present, but are also interested in presentations on current field research, landscape archaeology, the value of ethnographic research and the application of research results to Native American education. Each applicant should state: 1) the context of your research, 2) basic research results and 3) how information derived from the activity was used by or was of value to Native American cultures. Applications should be submitted to . Please distribute this announcement to your friends, co-workers, academic institutions and supporting archaeological or anthropological research organizations. The deadline for application submission is February 15, 2019.

Call for Papers Submission Form

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