SCAAS Board of Directors, By-Laws, Meeting Minutes, and Resolutions

Board of Directors

Chris Dombrowski                   President            

Bryan C. Bates                        Vice-President                             

Ric Alling                                Treasurer            

Ray Williamson                       Secretary                                 

         Greg Munson                          Membership         

         Karen Knierman                      Social Media        

Past Board Members

Todd W. Bostwick                  Bernard W. Bell Jr.

Tony Hull

Beth Jewell 

J. McKim Malville

Coni McCall

Andrew M. Munro

Ken Zoll

SCAAS Articles of Incorporation                 Download Here

SCAAS By-Laws                                              Download Here

General Membership and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2014               Download Here

October 28, 2016        Download Here

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Organizational Meeting           September 25, 2011          Download Here

Board of Directors                  2021

Board of Directors                  2020

Board of Directors                  Old Minutes                      

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee         February 7, 2016            Download Here

         Executive Committee         February 27, 2017          Download Here

         Executive Committee         May 22, 2017                 Download Here

         Executive Committee         August 28, 2017             Download Here

         Executive Committee         February 19, 2018          Download Here

         Executive Committee         May 14, 2018                 Download Here

Standing Committee Meeting Minutes

Conference Committee      February 25, 2016            Download Here

SCAAS Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2015                             December 19, 2015               Download Here                    

Fiscal Year 2016                             December 20, 2016               Download Here

Fiscal Year 2017                             December 20, 2017               Download Here

Fiscal Year 2018                             December 20, 2018               Download Here

Fiscal Year 2019                             December 20, 2019               Download Here      

SCAAS Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolution Authorizing Filing of IRS Form 1023                            Download Here

Resolution Authorizing Carol Ambruster Memorial Fund               Download Here

Resolution on Use of Carol Ambruster Memorial Fund                  Download Here

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